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PRODUCTS S ROO D U C T By Steph Koyfman In hardware, as in life, the spot- light is usually reserved for the biggest and brightest — or that which appears most obviously to the naked eye. Though fasteners typically get mentioned in passing — or promoted as accessories — they comprise a sizable market that’s undergone its fair share of growth and progress. A May 2016 Freedonia Group report con- cluded that after a five-year surge 20 in demand that saw the segment recover from the recession, the U.S. market for industrial fasten- ers is poised to rise at a more sustainable rate of 2.6% per year, reaching $15.2 billion in 2020. The fastest growth will occur in the construction market. In these pages, we’ve amassed a collection of fasteners that rep- resent the leading edge of nail and screw innovation, as well as a few tried and trusted varieties that will continue holding down the fort in the building industry. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016 HARDWARE + BUILDING SUPPLY DEALER Maze Nails 15° Hot- Dip Galvanized Ring Shank Roofing Nails These roofing nails are Made in USA like everything in the Maze Nails catalog. Additionally, they’re made with a hot-dip galvanized coating and are ready for deployment via a pneumatic coil roofing nailer. (