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MARKET INSIGHTS Early take on new administration By Joe Kefauver Here are the general conclusions we can make about President-elect Don- ald Trump’s positions that will impact employers of entry-level workers: Minimum wage Trump has taken multiple positions on minimum wage over the course of the campaign. Ultimately, he settled on a $10 an hour federal minimum wage, allowing states to pursue higher rates. It’s unlikely that this issue will be a priority in a Trump administration. Overtime regulations When questioned on the new over- time regulations, Trump stated that he would like to see “a delay or carve out” for small businesses. He has not put forward a specific position other than that. If the courts do not prevent the overtime regulations from going into effect on Dec. 1, then a Trump admin- istration will be faced with the dilemma of rolling back the regulation after employees have grown accustomed to the new threshold. Paid leave Trump has not taken a meaningful position on paid sick leave. However, Trump’s parental leave proposal is one of the most detailed employment policy proposals released to date and would include six weeks of paid leave and an earned income tax credit for dependent care. Conservative groups derided the plan. Health care Trump says he will ask Congress to immediately repeal “Obamacare” on the first day of his administration. He plans to work with lawmakers to replace it and “implement reforms that follow free market principles.” Trade This is the second easiest issue to predict for Trump because he has never wavered from the populist view- point. “Free trade” is practically blas- phemy to him and his base — at least as a candidate. Trump slams NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. He pledged to rip up old deals and introduce tough trade measures, espe- cially against China. Taxes Trump has proposed large tax cuts across the board coupled with propos- als to reduce spending. The Trump tax plan is dependent on economic growth expanding the tax rolls. Congress, re- gardless of party control, rarely reduc- es spending, and many economists are predicting a significant increase in the deficit. Immigration Employers dependent on migrant labor and visa workers should be con- cerned with Trump’s punitive approach to immigration. Trump will feel pressure to show immediate progress on this specific issue. The road ahead Employers may find themselves in the unusual position of facing few immediate threats out of Washing- ton, D.C. However, contending with an overall environment of economic uncertainty, which could tighten credit markets and shake consumer confi- dence and spending, could negatively impact bottom lines. 1-800-526-5265 32 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016 HARDWARE + BUILDING SUPPLY DEALER Joe Kefauver is man- aging partner of Align Public Strategies.